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I see a world of connection where we communicate and relate from our raw open hearts.
Living and experiencing intimacy of a kind we have not yet tasted.

About Robbie

We all have pieces within ourselves, where the light has yet to come. Our wounds, our fears, our shadows. We start by getting to know them, by illuminating the dark.

Developing awareness is the beginning. It is a journey of descent, where we own, heal and integrate the different parts of ourselves. The good, the bad and the ugly.
It takes courage

As we integrate our different parts, we become whole and our hearts start to open. Like the sky after a stormy day, gently beginning to feel safe. - safe to feel, to grieve, to laugh, to love.

From our open heart, we learn to communicate in a different way. Not what we should do, think or say. We learn to bring through our rawness, our authenticity. We start to discover what true intimacy is - with ourselves and with others.


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It is a journey of transformation, into a new way of being. I invite you to join me

What People Say

Robbie is a truly great coach and mentor. Throughout our journey together, he has provided the loving support, encouragement and education to help me grow. He delivered his sessions with a lot of structure and clarity but in a way that flowed with ease. I found this to be very helpful and ultimately healing. I highly recommend Robbie

- Jehan
Words can not express my deep gratitude for your kindness and support. It is always difficult to express the magnitude of such profound emotions when entrenched in such work. It's only been a short time and already I have felt a sense of truth and honesty emerging from within myself that can only be facilitated by someone who truly understands this craft. I am now much deeper into my transformational journey, which I would not be possible to cultivate without your knowledge and experience.

- James
The core of my wound was a LONGING FOR UNION expressed into a desire to have more support in my inner masculine unfoldment. I WANTED BROTHERHOOD IN MY LIFE. Men who could walk beside me, supporting, guiding, holding, taking me accountable, showing me the way of the masculine. I deeply desire to anchor the masculine qualities of #Trust, #Integrity, #Strength, #Vision, and #Equanimity in my being.I know this is ongoing work, a process of unfoldment that never finishes. But how important is having the support you need in each step of the process!

- Sia
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