The Shadow

The shadow is a psychological term for everything we can't see in ourselves and the repressed unconscious side of our personality. All of the pieces of ourselves we don’t like and don’t want -they all have power. From this place, we start to repress parts of ourselves, hide and even shame them. These parts we feel won’t be accepted by the outer world, we place into the shadow,

The Process

The process consists of three main phases:
The Illumination, The Integration and The Opening.
Each one of these phases is a journey of its own and a part of a whole process that brings us the sacred gift of true intimacy through the illumination & integration of our shadows.

The Illumination

Shining light on our shadows takes courage.
In this phase, we will learn how to track and observe our shadows. We will learn the skill of deep listening, cultivating our ability to observe subtle behaviours, ways of relating, triggers and projections. It will challenge different parts of ourselves. This phase requires patience, acceptance and compassion. The gift of this phase is awareness.

The Integration

As we become aware of our different parts which were hidden before, we can start to integrate them into a bigger whole - ourselves. Inner conflicts, triggers and self judgements decrease, and we begin to experience the gift of inner synergy. Life flows more seamlessly as we are more calm and centred.

The Opening

The integration of our different parts, allows us to be in a state of presence, calmness and harmony.
This leads to an inner safety. We have the confidence and knowing that we can remain whole and present regardless of what is happening on the outside. This safety, supports our heart to open. In this phase, we will learn how to engage with the external environment, with our loved ones from our open heart. We will learn how to speak transparently with authenticity, leading to a more fulfilling life. The gift of this phase is True Intimacy.


The Process consists of three phases. We start by booking in for five one-hour sessions over five weeks. It can be done both over zoom or in person. We will begin with a thirty-minute complimentary discovery session.

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